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Who we are?

Insurance Broker
Reinsurance broker
Strong knowledge of the insurance market


Our clients

18 000 Statutory auditors
10 000 Legal Experts
1 500 Land Surveyors<
4 500 Certified Accountants


Our firm

Personalized support
Specialization and competence
of our teams


Our tools

Management tools
Reporting tools
Communication tools
Training tools

About us

Insurance broker

SophiAssur is an independent broker, specializing in civil liability and professional and professional insurance for regulated and non-regulated professions. SophiAssur is a member of the international network EURIBRON. The EURIBRON network is composed of independent brokerage firms located in more than 90 countries on the 6 continents.

Reinsurance broker

SophiAssur-Ré is mandated by the Companies for their clients placement of reinsurance.

Strong knowledge of the Insurance and Reinsurance market

Sophiassur has very preferential relationships with companies such as MMA, AXA, ALLIANZ, LIBERTY MUTUAL, AIG, CHUBB, TOKIO MARINE and reinsurance companies like SWISS RE, PARTNER RE, SCOR, MUNICH RE...

Our clients

Sophiassur is the broker of the French national company of auditors
(Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes - CNCC) :

> 18 000 Statutory auditors

SophiAssur is the broker of the French national council of expert companies of legal experts (CNCEJ):

> 10 000 Legal Experts

SophiAssur is the broker of the French national superior council
of Land Surveyors (OGE) :

> 1 500 Land Surveyors

The firm provides services to large accounting networks as well as to
to numerous as well as numerous individual firms:

> 4 500 Certified Accountants

> Law firms
> Corporate executives
> Consulting firm
> Engineering consultants
> Real estate agents

Our organization

Personalized accompaniment of our clients :

Located in the center of Paris, we favour proximity and mobility for the benefit of our clients.

SophiAssur is a structure with a human dimension, listening to its clients. We offer a real time follow in real time the evolution of their activities. SophiAssur's tailor-made insurance programs are innovative and adapted to your new missions, the evolution of risks and the regulations.

Specialization and competence of our teams :

Our team comes from our clients' businesses or from law firms, and is trained in the clients' environment. Our employees have more than 10 years of experience in the missions and risks of liberal professionals.

For each of our clients, we put together a dedicated team whose expertise covers :
> Knowledge of regulations and ethics.
> Monitoring the scope of activities and new missions.
> Negotiation with insurers for the implementation of tailor-made insurance schemes.
> Analysis and prevention of risks.
> The management of amicable and contentious claims.
> Analysis and monitoring of case law.

Our tools

Management tools

We have design softwares that are operational, flexible, and adaptable to the needs of our clients. A software for the management of contracts and one for the management of claims. The system offers export functionalities facilitating the diffusion of information for our clients, and the realization of refined statistics. It ensures a traceability of the risk thanks to a coding system allowing to identify precisely the cause of the disaster and its context, to refine the statistics and to set up a targeted prevention.

Communication tools

Brochures, newsletter, information bulletins for policyholders, notes, statistical studies, yearly activity report...

Reporting tools

Access for each client to a dedicated Extranet (real-time monitoring of claims and contracts, downloading of certificates, access to case law, etc.)

Training tools

Design and animation by SophiAssur teams of training modules, animation of workshops...


Civil liability


Sophiassur is the broker of the national company of auditors

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Sophiassur is the broker of the national company of land surveyors

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Legal Experts

Sophiassur is the broker of the national company of legal Experts

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Certified accountants

Sophiassur is the advisor of many accounting firms and networks

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Sophiassur is the broker for law firms of the Bars of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Versailles and Lyon

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Insurance of persons

Our objective, the improvement of the guarantees and the budgetary optimization

Our expertise

Our collective and individual solutions

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Our approach

-> Audit
-> Implementation and follow-up
-> Reporting

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154, boulevard Haussmann
75008 PARIS
Standard : 01 56 88 89 90
Fax : 01 42 56 04 44
Email : contact@sophiassur.com